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Our History

Birk Plumbing first originated during the early era of extra heavy cast iron and galvanized pipes. Extreme working conditions were unavoidable and clogged sewers had to be dug up completely in order to be fixed. For Birk Plumbing, it all started as a one man, home-based operation. Today the company, still a family business, uses the latest technology to serve both residential and commercial clients across Chicago and the greater Chicago area.

In the early 1950s, Matt C. Birk, a Local 130 Plumber, started his shop as a one man business. Through word of mouth, his business grew. Matt hung the first Birk Plumbing shingle on 95th Street, a main business thoroughfare of Chicago’s southwest side and Matt’s home town of Evergreen Park.

In 1956, Matt’s younger brother, Bill Birk, joined the plumbing efforts, and began working side-by-side. Although the brothers were separated by 13 years, they connected through love of family, business, and dedication to their local union and plumbing industry. Bill eventually dedicated over 35 years to the plumbing industry. Bill and his wife, Judy, raised four children, two of which would go onto be the future of Birk Plumbing. That duo would be Jim Birk and Tim Birk. The two were often at their father’s heels, wanting to dig ditches and play with the tools.

In 1995, Jim Birk re-created the Birk Plumbing brand. Like his Uncle Matt in the 1950’s, Jim started out using the garage at his Evergreen Park home as a shop and a spare bedroom in his home as his office. Re-creating a family operated plumbing business was Jim’s vision. 

During any challenges that were ahead, Jim knew that Birk and Plumbing should always be together. Not for himself, instead for good health, family, and industry. Officially incorporated in 1995, the redefined Birk Plumbing Inc. was born. Jim was proud to have his father at his side along with his brother Tim, at that time an apprentice. Bill Birk was a mentor and inspiration to both Jim and Tim. Bill passed away in 2001, leaving both his sons with a dedication to the plumbing industry and the plumbing experience to better each customer they serve. “Bill was our teacher, our Father, and our friend” says Jim Birk, “he taught us so much about the plumbing industry and showed us how to work together. He had an incredible work ethic and instilled in us the importance of working hard to achieve success.”

According to Tim, “Dad shared his abundant knowledge about the world of plumbing. Jim and I were fortunate to have the guidance of our father. His knowledge was invaluable.”

In order to keep Birk Plumbing open for business, Jim went on, reaching out to new clients across various industries, the City of Chicago, and its surrounding suburbs. Today, Birk Plumbing has grown and is now serving residential and commercial clients of all sizes. Tim’s career has also evolved. The younger brother that started out as an apprentice, now bids, organizes, and supervises the commercial projects. Tim’s expertise has contributed greatly to the growth and success of Birk Plumbing, Inc.

As technology continues to grow, so does Birk Plumbing. Not only do our clients and colleagues connect with us via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but news of our professional services and successful work continues to spread through word of mouth. We are very proud to be serving such clients as the Brookfield Zoo, Panera Bread, Loyola University, McDonald’s Corporation, Manor Care, Advocate Health Care, St. James Hospitals, Carpenters Union Apprentice School, South Shore Country Club, Starbucks, P.F. Changs, and many more.